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I have a 3D model and mesh it several times under similar conditions, for example with the same model without changes to the structure and with slightly increased loads. Nevertheless, I receive different meshes each time. In one attempt, I deleted the model’s CDB and meshed it multiple times, resulting in different meshes each time. For instance, I obtained different results for different supports. Although the results are not significantly different, they are still not identical, with variances of 20 to 50 kN. Is it normal to obtain different meshes and different support loads despite using the same model under the same loads?

It’s normal that the mesher produces slightly different meshes every time.

However if your results start to vary beyond something akin to rounding errors, then you should check your model.
Perhaps your mesh isn’t fine enough or the modelling approach isn’t suitable.

thank you

Can I make such a settings for the mesh so that the meshing always remains the same or is generated the same for the unchanged structures? I mean As long as the system is not changed, the same meshing should always be reproducible.

Depends on how you are modelling.

If you are using sofiplus or sofimshc, the idea is to model the structure with bigger geometric elements and let the mesher generate the details ad hoc.
For simple geometries you can force the mesher to generate a regular square mesh.
However, the point of these modules is to leave the details to the mesher.

If you want an exact mesh:

  • Either model in sofimsha and control the exact mesh.
  • Or mesh with the others until you’re happy and then use the export from cdb command (export to sofimsha code)

Still think your model is fishy if results vary from run to run

thank you for response
i think I have to settle for sofimshc