Mattenliste, Mattenschneideskizze, {type_total_number}

Hello everyone. I’m new at this forum but I’m actively testing Sofistik Reinforcement Detailing for my company, for quite some time. We are still using 2D software for Reinforcement plans, but we are also trying to find the alternative. We have a few standards or some things that we got used to, while working in 2D software, so I’m mostly trying to recreate similar things in Revit with the help of Sofistik.

I will probably create few topics about some things, but here’s the first one. My question is how can I find these parameters (Gesamt and Bruttogewicht) inside the Revit model, so I can use it in my schedules and add it to the sheet. These are the informations about the total number of Fabric Sheets required to be cut. Here’s the screenshot from Word schedule file which is helpful, but in most cases we need this information directly on the plan. In fact, I only need the total number of Fabric Sheets and then I can use the formula to calculate the total weight, but I couldn’t find it. Hope I was clear enough


Hello Mirza

I think the best workflow for accessing these parameters is to create a new rebar schedule / quantity (Bauteilliste). With this list you can display all of the desired parameters.
Just create a new list and select the relevant parameters:

Fabric Reinforcement (Bewehrung - Matten) > e.g. Sheet Mass (Mattenmasse), Cut Sheet Mass (Mattenmasse geschnitten),…

Further information can be found on the Autodesk knowledge network website:

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team