Load preview in sofiplus-x

is there a way to preview loadcases generated in sofiload module in teddy in sofiplus-x? in other words i would like to see those loadcases in sofiplus but i want to generate them by code

Hi Thomas,

if you create empty load cases with a TEDDY script, these load cases will be saved in the central data base CDB. There is no automatic synchronisation between TDDY, SSD and SOFiPLUS regarding load cases. You will not see these load cases in SOFiPLUS.

BUT: Simply use the import command in SOFiPLUS. You max select the data base CDB with the new defined load cases and import those load cases to SOFiPLUS. This wokrs pretty well.

Thank you for Your reply but i think i didn’t fully get it. Could you please elaborate on the answer or give some example?

i tried import command in sofiplus-x and selected sofistik database file but i get “you have selected an unsupported DGN file”

Hello Thomas,

you must import the SOFiSTiK database CDB. To do this, use the import command in the sidebar and then select the CDB created and calculated with Teddy in the dialog.

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