Load Case Error in High rise wood-concrete Building

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to do structural Analysis with high rise wooden building i am getting following load combition analysis error(Given load combination 1.35 Dead load + 1.5 Live Load ). And 2nd Error is ‘Factorization of system stiffness matrix failed, the system is kinematically instable’ I am not understanding how to fix this Can anyone help me out with these Error. I have attched the googledrive Link for error screenshots please have look.https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nkyRg_e2ocUjYx64lm59ZoK199N2swOb?usp=sharing


Hello Shabbik,

if you open WinGraf you can display the nodal displacements and rotations of this loadcase under results > nodes. This should help to locate the part of the structure that is not stable and find out if support conditions are missing.

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Thank you