Load Case Combinations

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I am currently doing project for Master s degree. Project consists of 6 span bridge with prestressed T-Beam griders. I am required to manually write Load Case combination with Define Combination task and to preform Superposition (with whom i later need to do ULS and SLS checks) . Problem that i have is with lc 6xxx from CSM (as i understand in this lc are stored stresses due to creepage, shrinkage and relaxation of prestressing steel in bream (Time dependent losses of prestress for pre- and post-tensioning ); please correct me if i am wrong). Is there any way to manually include this LC in my combinations?


The LC 6xxx contain eigenstresses from crepp and shrinkage. That is correct.
Only für Beam elements in module AQB you are able to use this load cases properly for the design.
For normal superpositions in module MAXIMA you cannot use these load cases.
I strongly recommend to follow our standard workflow explaind in our tutorials and in our online training course. SOFiSTiK Bridge Design Training
Wie CSM superpositioning and CSM design tasks you will get a perfect template you can follow.
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Thank you very much for replay,

As i understood i need to create combinations in maxima without LC6XXX and than to create new combinations that include LC 6XXX in module AQB (via Teddy input), and with that combinations i can do ULS and SLS checks?

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To be more explicit in my question. What i wanted to ask is, are LC 6XXX necessary to use in ULS design checks or are they only used for SLS checks?

Thank you in advance