Joining Beams and Slab

I am new to sofistik and I am trying to model a bridge which is a series of beams with slab spanning between them, I have applied an area load to the central span of the bridge but I am having an issue as the slab and beams are not joined.
The picture below might describe it better



In your case, the QUAD elements and the BEAM elements do not share the same nodes (lengthwise) and are therefore not connected. So in order to solve this behaviour you need to use springs our couplings as a connector between these elements.
This is very easy in SOFiPLUS(-X). All you have to do is define a structural line with no cross-section at the edge of the structure area. In a next step, this line can be coupled with the structural line of the beam.

Here is a short example:
Kopplung SLN.sofistik (22.9 KB)
Kopplung SLN.dwg (51.7 KB)

If you are designing a composite bridge I suggest checking out our composite bridge tutorial. > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials > Brdige Design > Composite Bridge

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Frederik Höller
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