Issues in Report Broswer 2022

I experience these issue from Sofistik 2022-0 to 2022-2.

  1. The speed of opening .plb in report broswer 2022 is quite slower than that in report broswer 2020

  2. Some .plb that has long file path can be opened by report broswer 2020, but can’t be opened by report broswer 2022. I have to copy the .plb to other folder to make its file path shorter, then I can open it with report broswer 2022.


I cannot reproduce the second problem on my computer.
With the Report Browser (2022 and 2020) I can open a file with a maximum path length of 255 characters.
As far as I know, this length is specified by Windows (current operating version: Windows 10, 21H1).
Do you work on a Windows computer?

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Yes, I’m on Win10 too. The 2nd issue often occured where the file path/file name contains East Asia characters.

What is the maximum file path length you can use for the Report Browser 2020 and 2022?

Is there an alternative to working on a windows computer?

As far as I know there is no Linux variant of sofistik anymore, right?