Issue with mass calculation rebar (REVIT)

Hello good evening.
I’m having an issue with schedules…
it keeps asking for the SOFISTIK_Mass_per_Length.

pratically for every steel shape i should add this parameter in order to get the schedule…
it is extremely impractical because it is depending on steel bar diameter. therefore, i would like to know if any of you had a similar problem and found a way to solve it…
Thanks a lot

Hello @Fullerene!

well… you have this “problem” because you use your own rebar bars. If you would have been using the ones that we deliver with our rebar families you would not have this issue.

From “other” drop-down menu you have “content folder” which will lead you to the folder with the rebar families that we deliver with the installation and a revit template file

There is no big issue if this warning comes up. We have build it to make the user aware that he didn’t filled up the mass per length parameter that we have. If this is not filled I think you already observed that the weight in schedule is not 0 and the rebars have a hard coded value for mass per length.

I hope I could make the situation a bit more clear now.

Enjoy Reinforcement Detailing! :slight_smile:


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