Is there a Reinforcement generation 2023? Where are all the Create Tool functions?

I have noticed the Reinforcement Generation Tool is not available for Revit 2023. Instead, there is only a Reinfocement 2023 Tool, which does not contain all the Create Tools for slabs, beams and walls:

2022 tools

2023 tools

Was the Reinforcement Detailing 2022 combined to the Reinforcement generation Tool?
If so, are there fewer options on the create tool? In the 2022 version, I was also able to generate reinforcement for slabs and beams.
Thank you


You are right the SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation (RCG) tool is no longer available in Revit 2023.
This is due to the Revit changes for the analytical model in the latest version 2023.

You need to know that the geometric and analytical models are no longer connected. The problem is that the RCG was based precisely on this connection. So the old programming approach is no longer possible.

As I said, we can no longer use the old workflow. Therefore we cannot provide the RCG for the new version.
Perhaps we can develop another reinforcement generation tool that uses a different programming approach. But for now you have to downgrade to Revit 2022.

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team