Is SRES supported ELLA?

SofimshC → SRES – Predefined Result Sets
ELLA → 3.10 CALC – Evaluation of Influence Areas ->Result sets defined in SOFIMSHA will be selected with TYPE RSET:xxxxx.
But i doesn’t say anything about SRES.

Dear netsonic_Sofistik
please have a look into our current PSC_Bridge online training project. In the German version you will find an input file 2024, which contains the new bearings created in SOFiPLUS. These bearings are from Type SRES in terms of SOFiMSHC.
Later on these Bearing will be used in a task “Verkehrslasten= Traffic Load”
You will find the files here:

If you go to the menu “Database Tools> Export to Dat” you will see the definition of the SRES. Also see the TEDDY Input of the task “Verkehrslasten”.

I think this will answer your questions.

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Thank you @MartinSiffling for the tutorail.
I know how to define SRES in SofimshC, but what I want to know is
If Ella supports SRES? I don’t find it in tutorial.