Is Sofistik be able to import external mesh?

I use Griddle for Rhino and Midas FEA NX to create surface and volume mesh, but I’m not sure if Sofistik be able to import these mesh?

The Griddle created surface mesh is a native Rhino file, while the volume mesh can be saved as FLAC3D, 3DEC_5x, 3DEC_7x, ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA, VRML, CSV

The Midas FEA NX can export surface and volume mesh in STL format.


At the moment it is not possible to export a surface mesh from Rhino directly to SOFiMSHC. In theory it should be possible, but no workflow is implemented at the moment. Have you tried to create structural areas from the quads / triangles of the mesh? If you succeed, you can export these element using the option “use existing mesh”.

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  1. What’s the corresponding SofimshC input language for this option “use existing mesh”?

  2. I open the SofimshC that exported from Rhino and find these input language

sar 1001 grp 1 nra 7 qref ‘CENT’ t 0.2[m] mctl - titl ‘SAR 1001’
sarq x1 7.887422 8.655207 0.000000 x2 9.037832 8.430707 0.000000 x3 9.608176 9.237653 0.000000 x4 8.573069 9.865789 0.000000

But I can’t find the description of “sarq” in SofimshC manual.

The SARQ command is primarily intended for importing meshes from Rhino.
The command is not created to be used by a SOFiSTiK user. Therefore the command is not listed in the manual.

Since it’s for Rhino use, I suggest to add SARQ command to Sofistik for Grasshopper plugin.
If so, we can export mesh from GH directly.

IGUANA Mesh is an open source three-dimensional finite element meshing plugin for Grasshopper. It uses Gmsh as mesh generator and stores all topological data within a half-facet data-structure in order to provide a comprehensive topological description of discrete models even for non-manifold meshes and mixed-dimensionalities.

Really hope Sofistik can import the 3D mesh generated by IGUANA (Gmsh).

Hi Höller,

I found other people also has the same requirements.

I strongly suggest Sofistik can import external mesh from other good software like Hypermesh, Midas FEA NX.