Interpreting the result


I’ve run the analysis for my model. My model is a surface element. While extracting the result using the Interactive Graphic and select the List “node values”. It show that some node number is repeated as it has the subgroup. Wish to ask why is that so since I didn’t assign the subgroup for it and do I need to sum up the value to get the total value?

Thank you.

have you already compared these values from the Interactive Graphics graphically or with the Result Viewer?

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Nils Albrecht
SOFiSTiK Support Team


Nice to hear from you. I’ve compared with the Interactive Graphics (Iso-Area : generated from node value). As I observed, the values shown in the node list as extracted previously is tally with the Iso-Area value. The value obtained is not added up. Therefore, I guess the values should not be added up.

May I know is there any reason for the sub-group to be existed? As I also observed that, sometimes, a node value might have different number of subgroup for different result. For example, node 1442 have 4 subgroup for bending moment in local x, but it has 3 subgroup for bending moment in local y.

Thanks in advance for your sharing.

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