Interoperability between Teddy and SofiPlus-X


Is it possible to create a system with Teddy files using CADINP language end edit the geometry later with SofiPlus-X?

I realized this is possible with cross-sections but the general system geometry created with Teddy, i couldn’t manage to access from SofiPlus-X. I imagine this should be possible since the database is the ‘single source of truth’ but of course SofiPlus-X is a different environment.

Is there a way?

Yes it is possible. You have to calculate geometry made in teddy and then import materials, cross sections and finite/structural elements into sofiplus.

Thanks for the answer. How can i import structural elements into SofiPlus-X? I know how to do this for materials and cross-sections but don’t know where exactly in SofiPlus-X to initiate importing structural elements.

Structural elements can be imported using a command on the “Tools” tab of the sidebar (see picture below).
For importing finite elements, the dialog only works up to version 2016. With version 2018, SOFiPLUS cannot handle finite elements directly. Currently you can import finite elements using a script (see SOFiPLUS manual)


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Great thanks!