Interface of revit dynamo directly to SSD

Hello everybody, hoping to find some help here.

I’m trying to generate an automatical calculation of prestressed concrete beams with revit dynamo and sofistik.
Therefore, I already generated the geometric and analytical model inclusive the loads with dynamo (with the given paramters in Excel which are read in dynamo).
In my next step, I’d like to add the Prestressed Reinforcement. Until now, I only found a way to generate a “.dat”-file in dynamo. Then I have to open SSD and add “#add[…].dat” in the according teddy-file.
Is there any way to manage erverything inside revit dynamo, so I don’t even have to open SSD? (adding and creating the module TENDON for example)
My Goal is to get a complete Calculation of a prestressed beam with ideally only a few clicks in dynamo/ dynamo Player.

Thank you very much for your help!