Insert Schedule into Revit

Hello all,
I have been facing issue with insertion of schedule into my revit.
Anytime I tried, it comes with a pop-up that the dxf is missing. Going back to the folder, I see the dxf file in it.

Kindly help!

Hello @Abdulai2020,

this is the old way of inserting schedule into your project. Create first the schedule and then insert it in the sheet.

In the content folder we deliver also a Revit Template file, created by our colleagues from BiMOTiON, there you already have some predefined reinforcement schedules which you could use.


It is in german but you can simply check the schedule parametery and formulas and translate it in EN or your desired language.

If you use the Revit schedules, you will achive a schedule which stays all the time updated after every changing in your model. With the old mechanism you have to click at the end of modeling on the schedule button, which leads to human mistakes in case you forget to do so :slight_smile:

I hope that helped, enjoy RCD!