Influence line


I just have a question here.

what does the red line represent in this influence line.


The red line shows the position of the load for the maximum or minimum bending moment My in the respective beam. In your case you have two point loads and an area load.

Here are some more explanations.

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Thank you for your reply. now i understood what you said

But i didn’t define an area load in the traffic loader so why there is a possibilty for it in the influence lines?

Thank you

Have you defined residual areas or have you used a predefined load train?
Some load trains include area loads before and after the (point) loads of the vehicles.
Please check the used load trains in the report browser.

No i didn’t defined residual area load but i chose a predefined load train but as you see it doesn’t have a residual area load (it is written as zero in the screenshot)

I am sorry. i solved the problem it was my mistake

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