Import .IFC file to revit

Dear all,
I have designed a complex structure with concrete retaining walls and steel structure in center with sofiplus and sofistik. Now for reinforcement scheme I want to import in Revit. The problem is that the problem is that the concrete walls are not visible.
I checked visibility graphics of revit, there was no problem. Any kind of help is appreciated.
Best Regards, Sina Kian

Hello Sina Kian,

About SOFiSTiK 2020 there are different variants of IFC exports.
IFC2x3 Coordination View and IFC4 Reference View, this exports the architectural model which would be recommended for you (3D model).
IFC2x4 and IFC4 Structural Analysis View exports the analytical model with cross-section and material properties of structural members with bearing conditions and loads.
Maybe you chose the wrong one.

Best regards
Nils Albrecht
SOFiSTiK Support Team