Hydra - deformed element error 50


I was trying to run a hydration simulation in a rather complex 3D model. I am getting an error :
+++++ error no. 50 in program RAND08
BRIC -7513548 at -0.577 0.577 -0.577 deformed / wrong clock sense 6.0826e-09

I realize this might be caused by the fact that for creating the volume elements, I used an unstructured mesh generation (UMSH TYPE TET) which is not creating 8 node BRICs that are prefered in HYDRA.

However, the HYDRA module still computes some parts of the model containing tetrahedrals when they are set to run separatly.

Can anything be done with this issue? There is no other option but to use unstructured mesh in this case as the shape is pretty irregular…

Thanks for any ideas


It looks like your system contains faulty elements. Have you checked the specified element (BRIC -7513548 at -0.577 0.577 -0.577) in the Graphic (Wingraf)?

As I have never seen this error message before, can you please reduce your problem to a simple example and send me the project files?

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team