How to show these moments?

Sofistik built-in example: \ase.dat\english\ase3_t_beam_test.dat
It says

           $ Result WINGRAF M-beam=82.4 kNm, the rest to 96 kNm stays in the outer part
           $ = outside the effective width of the T beam
           $ The reduced beam stiffness itself gets only 64.34 kNm but
           $ the shell bending moment mxx is added in the area of the
           $ effective width: MY-T-beam = 64.34 + 18.03 = 82.4 kNm = WINGRAF-MY !
           $ see ASE-print:     

How to show 82.4 kNm, 96 kNm, 64.34 kNm and 18.03kNm in Wingraf?

I only find 83.3 kNm in Wingraf


I think the difference between the two bending moments (82,4 kNm < 83,3 kNm) is due to some program changes. We will correct the outdated values.

The graphic only shows the sum of the beam force (without slab-addition) and the shell bending moment. The two individual values can be found in the Report Browser.

(Report Browser > ASE)

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team