How to obtain nodal acceleration data or time plot in DYNA


I would like to be able to retreive the values of the vertical acceleration as a function of time of certain nodes in my bridge model after running a time step analysis with DYNA, but can’t figure out how to do this.

I used to run a time step analysis with ASE in which I was able to view plots of the acceleration in the ‘Report Browser’, and in which I was also able to obtain a list of the acceleration values of any node for each time step in the ‘Result Viewer’ (see screenshot below). However, I recently found out that ASE is not suitable for a dynamic analysis and I have to use DYNA instead, because I want to analyze the damping of the bridge. The problem is that when I use DYNA, I’m no longer able to obtain the acceleration results as before.

My Teddy file:

Puurs.dat (40.9 KB)

As always, any help would be greatly appreciated.


This should be possible with the program DYNR and the command HIST … TYPE A-Z NO0 2218 …
An example for this command can be found within the TEDDY:

TEDDY > File > Examples > DYNA > english > dyna42_three_storey_frame_hist.dat

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It worked, thank you! Wouldn’t know what to do without all of the spontaneous help you’ve given me, mr Höller.

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