How to model external prestressed box


This screenshot is for cross-section elevation of bridge mid-span (showing cross beam and prestressed cable box). My problem is the place at which the cross beam ends and the box still there as when i try to make special cross-section for this part, Sofistik show error that section parts are not connected properly(because when i draw section for this part, the prestressed box is not connected to section). So how can i solve that ?


I am not sure how this detail should look like. Could you please provide more information about the “Prestressed Box”? Why do you want to model a section that contains parts that are not connected to the section?

In general I would simplify this detail. Try to keep it simple while still respecting the behavior of the section. If you calculate the general behavior of the bridge, you cannot examine every behavior of a detail. This could be done in a separate calculation.

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My problem is the part of the box that is after and before the cross beams when i tried to draw a specific cross-section for this part, it is found that the Prestressed box is not connected to upper flange and also there we are after the cross beam so nothing connects the box to the cross-section.

I hope that i make the question more clear

Thank you

Ok, but now you have to decide how you want to model this geometry.
You can model the external prestressing system in one model and a second model investigates the load application of this prestressed box.