How to extract results like Nodal temperatures, displacements in thermo mechanical analysis

Hello everyone, I am modelling an RCC Column with 60min fire and I want to see the results and graphs at different nodes and elements in column from 0 to 60 minutes. How can I do it?

When you run a cross section under fire design, a cdb with its name will be generated in the working directory. This cdb contains all temperature information of the cross section nodes in different given times. You can open this cdb using the Graphic program in SSD. However, you should click on the drop-down icon below the Graphic-icon to be able to select the analyzed section. Once you do it, Graphic will open, then you can go to results–>Quadrilateral Elements–>Multiphysics–>Temperature in C (for example).
Then you can go to the LC-Tab and extend the investigated loadcase by clicking on + sign. Then all given time gets visible and you can select them.