How to draw lots of same elements efficiently in FOFIPLUS

I have one system with many same elements(beam and surface) in a line, firstly i would like to use Array in AutoCAD after i define the line with beam and furface element, but i found that it is wrong, because Array is in AutoCAD, which is action on simple line, cannot manipulate with structural memeber, am i right?, because i found that after i did the array in CAD, the elements cannot import to 3D model and defined structural member disappeared), so my question is how can i quickly draw a system with many same structrual members(beam + surface), the manipulation like copy with specific time or similar fucntion with Array in AutoCAD.

use AutoCAD “copy” or “array” commands for SOFiPLUS elements as well.
Make a small example and test by yourself.

Yes, i did the example. i did as following: 1 draw the geometry line and apply structural member and surface area. 2 i select all the members need to copy. 3 i use the array fucntion in SOFIPLUS-X did the array successfully ; 4 i can do the copy or array in SOFIPLUS but the members cannot imported to 3D model(system visualization) further, after i did array, the structrual members are not defined to geometry line any more.

don’t forget to “explode” the array for further processing.

Hi Martin, you are right. thanks for your great help. BTW, i have another small question: i have one rectangular surface and another beam perpendicular to the long side of rectangular surface but shorter than long side length, they are in different elevation. how can i define the constraint between this beam with furface? should i draw another line on the long side of surface? and use line constraint? why it is not working to define line constraint? the line should apply cross sectiuon? or anything else ?

The surface elements array seems cannot be explored, otherwwise there are too many finite elementt error raised. how should we deal with draw lots of surface elements quickly.