How to define two members contacted with edge surface of each cross section

We usually draw lines in Sofiplus, and appoint special cross section(structural line) for each geometry line. for example, two C profile connected crossingly, if i draw two crossing line in CAD and appoint cross section. then in the 3D model these two C profiles are overlapped with central line crossing. However, if i actually want to define two C profile crossing at flange of each C profile(not central line), how should i draw or define such system. if their central line do not crossing, how should i define these two C profile is connected?

You can define each of profile with eccentrity. At sofiplus profile definition window it is called Reference point. of the profile. Yuo need to define one profile with reference top middle and second one with bottom middle. Then they can be defined with SLN on one level.

Another way is to define sln on real center level, define structural points at place of intersection and then do kinematric constraint of those points.

Appreciate your reply, i just have 2 further questions below.
1 How do i define the reference point in Corss section editor?
2 Whta is “SLN”? for the second way, do you mean using ‘point constrait’ to connect the two points at crossing but different level? if we use ‘point constraint’, there will be a spring symbol shown in 3D model, right?