How to change to metric system in Sofiplus/SSD


I am not able to figure out how I can change the unit system to metric in sofiplus. In the attached figure, I am asked to give the thickness of the cross section which is in inch. I am also not able to change the unit system from 1A 992 American Standa.

Thank you!

Dear Parvathy,

either code and unit set cannot be changed in SOFiPLUS. The officia workflow is to start a project from SSD. For system gerenation you start SOFiPLUS from inside your SSD project.
When starting the SSD you see the “Sysstem Information” dialogue. On the bottom right you can find the option to change the units. See picture attached.

Please note after clicking OK in this dialogue, you are not allowed to change the code again!!
Further explanation you may find on our youtube chanel.

A quick getting starting video series can be found here as well.

Hope that helps.


Do you know if it s possible to change the units to SI to imperial in the wingraf? I have done a project using kN for example, and I want to print it out in kip.


Hi Frederico,

inside WINGRAF you have the option EXTRAS > Units > Change

Now a new dialogue opens and you may select a new option.

Hope all is clear now.

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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply
Do you also know if it s possible to print out as a report all the units used in the project?
Maybe some teddy prog. ?