How to Change Meshing in SSD

Hello everyone,

My name is Duncan, and I am a new SOFiSTiK user. I have a question, so could you help me please? I will really appreciate that.

I am trying to find out if I change the meshing in SOFiSTiK like in ETABS (in the picture). I found on SOFiSTiK website that there is a way to do that. However, I cannot do it. I am attaching a picture for your reference.

Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Duncan.
As for me, the easiest way to start learning Sofistik is with Sofiplus-X - this is an AutoCAD-based program in which a model and loads are created. You can add it to Sofistik App Manager. Then the model is exported to the main module. In the export window you can choose the mesh settings. Also, pay attention that when creating/editing elements, you can also select a mesh setting (regularity and density).
Later you can do it with text in Teddy

Hello Kirill,

Thank you very much for your response. However, I modeled my building in Revit, then I exported it to SOFiSTiK by using the SSD function in Revit. So, could you help me how to change the meshing in SSD please?

Thank you very much!

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you in detail. I have never exported structures from Revit. Most likely there are mesh settings in the export from Revit window or in the properties of the Revit project. Perhaps someone will tell you.
  2. If it is not important for you to keep the link with the model in Revit, you can try to export the model to Teddy code with the SOFIMSHC module, where the mesh settings should be.

Hello Kirill,

The version that I am using now is SOFiSTiK 2018, so it is a little bit problem. However, I can still follow your guideline. I am attaching a picture to show what I have done. Could you please tell me what I should do next to change the mesh please?

Thank you very much

As you can see from the error text, the database is password protected from export. Find the person who created the project and ask for a password.


Hello Kirill,

The file was created by me, and I think I did not create a password for this file. Moreover, this is my first time following your instruction. Honestly, I have not been this step before. So, I am wondering if there is any way that I can send you my model, then you can check for me please?

Thank you very much.