How to add moving load?

Hi. I want to add the moving load on the beam.

I read the manual in sofiload -> TRPL

But i don’t understand. how to add multiple point load and adjust distance between point load.

I try use Text editor to create train load

And how to analysis. find Maximun moment of dynamic loading in SSD?

To day. I try use Traffic Loadder task. And i create Load Trains HT/HL93. But when i click OK it error at ella : traffic loadder. How i fix it


It is necessary to run at least one linear load case before evaluating the traffic loads with the influence line method. We recommend to do this analysis before the construction stage analysis to use the full developed stiffness matrix from the complete bridge.

You find further information about the trafic loader on our homepage: > Documentation > Tutorials > Traffic Loader

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I try again and it successful.

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