How Aqua calculate shear area?

I define a hollow rectangular section,
the width = 300mm, the height = 400mm, thickness of flanges = 20mm, thickness of webs = 14mm.

The shear area of the section along local (horizontal) Y axis are
Sofistik (AY): 8.705E-03 m^2
Sap2000: 0.012 m^2
manual calculation: 2 * 0.3 * 0.02=0.012 m^2

The shear area of the section along local (vertical) Z axis are
Sofistik (AZ): 9.779E-03 m^2
Sap2000: 0.0112 m^2
manual calculation: 2 * 0.4 * 0.014=0.0112 m^2

The manual calculations are the same as those in Sap2000, but they are different from those in Sofistik.
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You should create a thin walled section using Plat. (or plat and weld for better accuracy wrt moment inertia)
In teddy go to -> file-> examples -> aqua -> english -> aqua4_thinwalled.dat

Thanks sfr,

For thin-walled section, I have to use “plat” to get correct shear area in Sofistik.
There is no way to get correct shear area by solid section in sofisik?

Maybe if you start tinkering with the fe/be calculations for sections.

However that is the equivalent to nuking mosquitos.