Hook orientation / lenght

Hello, can you please tell me how to fix the problem with wrong hook orientation.
When I make torsion stirrup I get wrong hook orientation in shape detail and in schedule. (there is no problem with classic stirrup). I’m using revit 2022, and sofistik version 2022-4.

Also, can you please tell me why SOFiSTiK doesn’t change hook length when I use “Override hook length”?


Thanks in advance!

Thank you for this inquiry.

  • The problem with hook orientation has been already resolved with the latest update 2022-4. It should be correct if you recreate the rebar. If not, please send us your inquiry with the RVT file to support@sofistik.com for further investigation.

  • Regarding the second question, I can see in the screenshot that the Shape detail shows the correct hook length as shown in the rebar properties => Parameter SOFiSTiK_Hook_Length.

Furthermore, 19 cm is the default auto calculated hook length for bar type Ø20, Dmin=7ϕ. You can override the hook length from Edit type =>hook lengths => deactivate the check box auto calculation and type the value.

Kind regards

Shadi Razzouk

SOFiSTiK Support Team