Help Needed with SOFiSTiK Structural Analysis Results

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a structural analysis project using SOFiSTiK and have encountered some issues with my results. I’m analyzing a multi-story building with a reinforced concrete frame. After running the analysis, the displacement values and internal forces seem unusually high, especially at the top levels.

I’ve double-checked my model for input errors, including material properties, load combinations, and boundary conditions, but everything appears correct. I’m not sure if I’m missing something in the setup or if there’s a specific setting in SOFiSTiK that I might have overlooked.

Additionally, I’m eager to explore the integration of machine learning trends within structural analysis. Are there any emerging methodologies or applications within SOFiSTiK that leverage machine learning for improved analysis accuracy?

Has anyone experienced similar issues or can suggest potential areas I should investigate further? Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated, as I’m on a tight deadline for this project.

Thank you