Group (Beta)

Greeting to you all,
The group beta tool is experiencing some troubles to group up some free form rebar, any suggestions on how to make it done?


Hello Miguel

Have you seen the online documentation? Maybe this will help you.
If not, what version of SOFiSTiK / Revit are you using? And could you describe the problem in more detail?

Best regards
Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

Seems to be that one of the free form rebar had had a different dimension with respect to the other when I run the command. Moreover, is there a way to set the rebar set layout as maximum spacing, etc. when using the Group tool? It is enabled on Group beta but not in the standard command.

And what is the deal with Revit data, the distribution path from the rebarContainer when using the Group tool calculates a vector that do not follow the real distribution path