Grashopper Crosssection BREP


when creating a section from a brep we can define additional points. If the section is viewed afterwards the numbering of the points is given automatically.
Is it possible to define specific points with user names?

Since the number of points is variable its not really practical to define the crosssection via a json file. So i tried the approach with a brep.
The different points will define different type of tendons. To keep the crossection easy to interprete it would be great if i could name the points for example T101-T10X for tendons 1 and T201-T20X for tendons 2.


Hello Fabian

Have you tried to add a section point with the “Section Attributes” command?
Here you can add your own point to the section.

Here the grasshopper file:
CS from (20.6 KB)

And here you will find the manual of the command:

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Frederik Höller
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Hello Frederik,

with your method the user defined points will only be implemented once the aqua component is run. Therefore the points are only visuable inside sofistik.

I’d like to reference to these points before the aqua component directly inside grashopper. The intended method seems to be via ‘Additional Points’, but i think this feature only accepts coordinates and no additional text.

For example in a later process i’d like to attach elements to specific points along the axis. But since the number of points is variable it would be easier to devide the points by the prefix and not by numbers. My current workaround is to also automatically calculate the Pointname, which can be really confusing when approaching a lot of unserdefined points.

Is the above mentioned workflow possible to generete these points and use them inside grashopper?

Fabian (18.2 KB)

Ok, unfortunately your desired workflow is not possible.
The command “SectionFromBrep” is only suitable for simple cross sections. For more complex cross sections you have to use JSON or SOFiPLUS(-X) → “ReadSectionCdb”.

Can there be a variable amount of points defined inside the JSON file, and controlled from a number slider inside grashopper? As far as i understand all points have to be predefinied before importing them with “ReadFromSection”.

As I haven’t used jsons in Grasshopper I can’t tell you. A quick Google search showed that there are tools to create JSON files in Grasshopper. So I think that’s possible.

Ok i will try and play around with the tools, thanks for your help :slight_smile: .

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