Graphical output Issue

In my current task I’m modelling a raft foundation. Modelling has been successful, although I’m missing some graphical outputs.
My raft is 1 meter thick and as expected there are different Moment and Sheer forces at the top of the raft and at the bottom of the raft. I need these separated values to do further on calculation by hand.

I’m looking for a way to view grapgoc of forces in different layers of the slab, meaning top/bottom/middle etc.

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Hello Gal

You can use the Graphic or the Result Viewer. I suppose you need the stresses within the QUAD-Elements?

Result Viewer / Graphic > Results > Quadrilateral Elements > Stress > Top Stress / Bottom Stress

If you create a table in the Result Viewer, you can easily export these values to Excel.

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Frederik Höller
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Thanks for your help Frederik.
Is there any way to see Moments and Shear forces at the bottom and the top as well?
For example you’d expect high shear forces by the columns on the top but a different picture at the bottom where the raft meets the soil.
I’m adding an example of an output from another program called Strap - Onedrive link

Do you mean the design forces, because according to Mindlin’s plate theory, the internal forces are calculated by integrating the stresses over the height of the shell element (see ASE manual, chapter 2.8.1 Plate Strucutral Behaviour).

Graphic > Design > Quadrilateral Elements > Design moments > …

Very helpful !

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