Getting Bottom Formwork Area

I can’t seem to get Formwork Area for bottom of structural items and don’t know why. It calculates the the side areas normally.

Hi Enji, in this forum questions from all our SOFiSTiK products will be discussed. Therefore your post doesn’t explain, which product you are using, which program version you are using. What exactly you did. I cannot understand or reproduce your problem. Therefore you will not get an answer.
My tip: You thing about the fact you are asking for help from people, who do know nothing about your project and what you did. So try to explain you problem in a way someone else can understand it . Only then, you will get some answers.
Thanks for your kind understanding.
Cheers Martin

I am using the Sofistik BIM TOOLS 2023 on Autodesk. When I use the Formwork Areas, it only calculates the sides and not the bottom.
And I am also looking for a tutorial to explain how to make a preset for the dimensioning. There are only release notes for that tool.
Thank you.


you will find the official user manual on our website:

Please find the direct link here: SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS 2024

Hope that helps.