Generated reinforcement issue


I just started using Sofistik Reinforcement Generation in Revit and I’ve encountered some problems. When I create reinforcement for a slab with Sofistik, it tells me that there is “still required” reinforcement when I check it, even though I made sure that the provided reinforcement was bigger than the required reinforcement in the settings before it was created. How is that possible?

As you can see in the pictures below, the provided reinforcement is above the required reinforcement, but it tells me that reinforcement is still required. How is this possible? These pictures represent the top layer.

Hi denish97,
thanks for your question.

This is probably caused by the reinforcement cover. The value of the required reinforcement is given at the edge of the board, where there are no rebars, because of the reinforcement cover.

You can try to extend one of the gernerated rebar sets and see if there’s still required reinforcement left.

I hope this helps.
Kind Regards

That’s weird. Doesn’t Sofistik understand that the cover has a purpose? You don’t want the rebar to be sticking out of the concrete or being to close to the surface.

Hi Denis,
SOFiSTiK offers the possibility to compare results from analysis and design with physically inserted reinforcement. The design results won’t be changed - not even at the edges of the slab. It is the task of the civil engineer to check if there’s reinforcement needed inside the concrete cover or not.