Free form rebar shape in bar bending schedule

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In my Revit Model, I have rebars drawn from “free form” and “sketch” method. Sofistik apply the shape code number 99 in the “SOFiSTiK_ShapeCode” parameter. The problem is that the parameters of rebars lenghts ("SOFiSTiK_A, SOFiSTiK_B etc…) are not included in this kind of rebar. So it doesn’t appears in the bar bending schedule. Only the Revit original lenghts paramters are included, as you see in the screenshor below (green empty cells) :

How can I add these SOFiSTiK rebars lenghts ("SOFiSTiK_A, SOFiSTiK_B etc…) in my rebars drawn from “free form” and “sketch” methods?

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Hello @jrivasseau,

if I stick to answer specific to what you are asking, the answer would be: it is not possible.

Long answer: will never be possible. Because Shape Code 99 according to EN ISO 3766/2003 means that the bar is non standard defined. That meaning we cannot apply a rule how the segments will be named. More than that, you would need parameter also for the bending angles to be able to detail this kind of shapes. In case of a standard shapes this rules are stated in the corresponding standard. That is also a reason why in the DOCX schedules exported by SOFiSTiK RC, even if you check the option to write the parameter names on the segments and not the values:

for 99 shape codes you will get though values instead of parameters.

In this case, to have all the segments detailed I would recommend to import the schedule on sheet.

You will notice that for 99 shapes we provide a bending table which defines clearly how this special, non-standard shapes should be bent.

By the way, this is very important, check with your workshop if they accept the BVBS Format for the schedules.

This is how you create this format and can be used as deliverables, also in the upper screen-shot you can see that it can be produced at once with the schedule (is a checkbox option), so there is no extra effort from your side:

an lately there is also a viewer so you can check if you have doubts that some shapes might not be correct interpreted by the machines.

here is the link to the free viewer:

Hello @andrei ,

Thanks for your answer. I will add a mention to refer to the shape images to have the bending details of that kind of rebar.

The BVBS Format can be a great addition to the bending schedule. I will check on that too.

Have a nice day!

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@jrivasseau well, that’s also a nice trick.
…just be careful to add the columns with the hook lengths because they are not writen in the shape images.
…this applies anyway also to the standard shapes :thinking:

yes, I like your option :smiley:

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@andrei Yes of course, I’ve already include that with some others details :slight_smile: