Flat slab with drop-panel design using SOFiSTiK and Revit

Is there any sample design example that designs flat-slab with drop-panel using a REVIT model and SOFiSTiK for analysis?


The definition of a column head is not possible directly within SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design. But you can change the column settings in the SSD directly during the punching design.

PUNC type COL D 1 B 1 $ Preset for columns
PUNC type WALL D 1 $ Preset for walls

For a 2D system, you can define a column head when modeling a structure point (SOFiMSHC SPTP SUPP or SOFiPLUS(-X)).

Basic information about the BIM workflow with Revit and SOFiSTiK can be found in the following tutorial.

www.sofistik.com > Infocenter - Overview > Documentation - Tutorials > Building Design > Reinforced Concrete Building - Getting Started (BIM Workflow)

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