[Feature Request] Local Mesh Refinement for Unstructured Mesh

In SofimeshA UMSH, there is only one global mesh control parameter: HMAX, maximum mesh size on edges.
In SofimeshC SVO, there is no mesh control parameter.

In Sap2000, Midas Civil/Gen, Lusas and Dlubal RFEM, there are lots of local mesh refinement option, eg. below are FE mesh refinemnet options in Dlubal RFEM

There is an entire list of control parameters available.
E.g. sofimshc:

  • ctrl hmin
  • ctrl fine
  • ctrl efac
  • ctrl prog

Then you can try adjusting mesh generation for the indivdual sars with sar h1 or sar h2 as well.

“sar h1 or sar h2”
AFAIK, h1 and h2 is for SAR meshing only.
Will h1 and h2 work for SVO as well?

Hence the “try adjusting”. → Maybe

Description of H2: Mesh density at points inside the region.
But I don’t find the definition or reference to the points in SARS command.

I made a block (1m x 1m x 1m) with h1=0.1 and put a SPT X=0.5, 0.5, 1 on the top surface

SPT - X 0.50000000 0.50000000 1.00000000


Then I add h2=0.025 to the top SAR only

SAR - GRP 1 T 0.100000 MNO 1 NX 0.000000 0.000000 -1.000000 MCTL REGM H1 0.1 H2 0.025

I expect only meshes around point (0.5,0.5,1) at center of top SAR have smaller size (red circle in the pic). But meshes in the other places (green regions) have smaller size too.

Aqua.dat (247 Bytes)
SofimshC.dat (2.8 KB)
Test.dat (74 Bytes)

Turn off the regular meshing (MCTL REGM), then you’ll get refined meshing at the middle point and the corners (where you have implicit structural points)

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