Fabric reinforcement boundaries


I am having problems in shoving the fabric reinforcement under the upper foundation plate. How can I manage to show the fabric reinforcement boundaries?

Thank you, Marko.

Hi @marko

select the fabric sheet and in properties window you should have “Cut by Host Cover” parameter. Check there the box and the fabric will be cutted.

Is this what you were looking for?

Thank you for the quick reply. This is not what I am lookiong for. The reinforcement area is cur the right way, but the boundaries are hidden by the wall and the second floor above. I can not manage to show the boundaries of the fabric reinforcement.

Hi @marko

…aha, just klick “Tag All” once, see what’s happening :wink:

i think it will solve your problem


I do not have problems with tagging. In my case when I tag the fabric reinforcement I can not see the boundary lines of fabric sheet yust diagonal annotation line. This is because the Concrete floors are at different leveles, or if there is a wall on the concrete floor.

Thanks, Marko


Hi @marko,

There are 2 posibilities to solve this. Either you set transparency for the walls to be able to see the boundary of the fabric reinforcement or you edit the structural fabric reinforcement symbol in order to place also the contour of the mesh, not only the diagonal.

Have a look on this video on my proposal.
For a better understanding I colored the contour of the mesh red to see the difference between the mesh and the annotation symbol.

I hope it helps.