Extracting Strain from CDB


I am currently trying to extract certain values from my CDB using the Sofistik-Python interface. The procedure for this is very well explained by Sofistik using the tutorials provided on their website, so I have already been able to successfully extract some of the values required for my project.

Related to the follwing example: Single span girder - CDB Interfaces 2024

I would be interested to know where exactly I can find the strain values ϵs1 and ϵc2 in the CDBase or sofistik_daten and their KWH (and KWL) keys. As I’m relatively new to the workflow with Python and Sofistik, I’m still having difficulties finding the respective values.

I would appreciate an answer :slight_smile:

I was able to solve my issue on my own :slight_smile:
Can therefore be closed.