Export revit model geometry to sofiPLUS

is it possible to export a revit model geometry to sofiPLUS?
As far as i can read i would have to export the revit model to rhino and then from rhino to SOFiSTiK. Is that correct?

I know that there is an add on for revit and working with the SSD, but i would like to have my model in autoCAD instead.

Hello Morten,
there is no direct way to import a model from Revit with SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design addon to SOFiPLUS.
But you can do the following.
Inside Revit (Analysis and Design), you can export your analytical model to SSD, thereby the database is created (cdb).
You can use the database for importing it into SOFiPLUS.
Open SOFiPLUS, e.g. via SSD and in SOFiPLUS go to the tools tab → Project: import. Then select the cdb.

Please keep in mind that changes made in SOFiPLUS, can’t be imported back to Revit.

Hope this helps.

Cheers Nils

@NAL Oh, that seems easy. I will try this out, thanks a lot for you answer.

edit: it worked - thanks a lot :slight_smile: