Export pictures and animation

hi all, in the animator of Sofistik i am looking for a way to export multiple picture frames from the animation in png/jpeg or export the animation directly. I remember there was a simple way to do it but i cannot find those setting anymore.
Thank you in advance!

Hi Georgia and welcome :wink:

have you tried using the new “Viewer”? See the screenshot below to activate it.

Best regards, Adrian

Hi Adrian,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am working on a Teddy project and not SSD and unfortunately after enabling the new system viewer features and restarting, the new tab doesnt show in the post processing. Is it not yet implemented for teddy or i am i missing something?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Then you have to enable it in Teddy instead:
File → User Options → Sofistik General/Features → Enable New System Viewer