Export of results to Excel


It has been really helpful to be able to export SOFiSTiK results from “Results” to Excel-files for further postprocessing. I have previously been using to the Results viewer in SOFiSTiK to create tables, then save the “Results file” and open it in Teddy. This has been an easy way to quickly figure out the Teddy code.

However, in my FE-model there are spring elements representing soil that are separated into groups. The stiffness of the springs are changed in a number of construction stages in ASE by changing the stiffness factor FACS.

I would like to export the stiffness factor on the groups representing springs to excel, but it doesn’t work. How can I change the Teddy code to export group numbers and factor on stiffness? The below code does not work (error: this result is not yet available)


Hi Jakob,

sorry these results are indeed not yet available in result viewer. But I understand, that they are useful, therefore we have noted the wish to implement these results in the future.

Best regards,

SOFiSTiK Support Team