Error with CSM Bridge design-Superpositioning

Can someone help me and explain how I can solve this error message in CSM Bridge design-superpositioning?
Firstly, let me explain the problem. In this bridge model construction stage analysis has been performed using CSM Task using option (Full geometrical nonlinear analysis TH3), Then for superpositioning I
used CSM Bridge design-Superpositioning task but this error appears (warning no. 22 in program MREF
Factor not equal 1 may be wrong for nonlinear load case 5063). How I can treat and solve this error

You cannot and this is not the sofistik issue, but rather general mechanics princpal that linear superpostion of effects is valid only when linear elastic analysis is performed.

OK, but this means this warning doesn’t affect the accuracy of the results or this warning is important and I need to do superpositioning using Teddy. If I need to use Teedy can you help me with example to superposition linear and nonlinear load cases?

Also, is there any modification of the created text input generated by SOFISTIK to consider superposition linear and nonlinear load cases

Warning says that if you superpose nonlinear loadcases results may be wrong.
The judgement if it is ok is up to the user

Ok mico
Special thanks to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry mico,
Finally, if I wanted to superpose nonlinear with linear load cases manually which module or which task can perform this task

To achive fully correct results you should perform new nonlinear anylysis with ASE.
But you can do it for one exact loadcase only (not for envelope).
Popular workflow is then:

  1. Performing linear anaylsis for loadcases
  2. Superposing in maxima
  3. Finding some loadcases which yields the most unfavourable results
  4. Solve them in ASE performing NL analysis.

I know it is much more work to do, but that how it is when you leave linear space.

Please mico, Is there any example?
I sorry mico but I am not perfect in SOFISTIK and I need your help and support