Error when running Sofistik Official Example

C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\2024\SOFiSTiK 2024\csm.dat\english\more\csm31_design_aashto_metric.dat
When running it, it shows error:

+++++ error no. 10132 in program SOF_VAR
Improper number/expression type 501 (illegal operator/CDB-Item-Name) :PT

The error occurs at line 1024

‘NODE’ UZ #base+31 999999

I am sorry to hear, but I ran the same file from the standard example folder without any problems.
I am using 2024-1 version.

Sorry I made a mistake, the file name should be: csm31_design_aashto_suma.dat

I may find the culprit: in 2024 version of csm31_design_aashto_suma.dat
There is a line

‘SPRI’ PT #base+23 999999

But there is no “PT” option for SPRI according to Maxima manual

Hi netsonic_SOfiSTiK,
please use most current version 2024 SP1 (with the example there). With this we cannot reproduce this behaviour.