Error when getting offline setup file for 2020-4.1

I follow Service Pack Updates.
But it ALWAYS show the error as below when it check something for Bridge Modeller 2020 4.1.9:

Check Content from MasterIndex …
warning: six_2020 4.0.544 upgrade_code: 3a79c990-baed-a25d-4218-3485e86c7c96
warning: six_2020 4.1.9 upgrade_code:
error: [CheckContent] At least one Update in ‘six_2020’ has a different UpgradeCode
error: generator exited with 1

the content in update.json of 4.1.9 is as below, which is a part of 2020-4.1

    "product_code": "", 
    "upgrade_code": "", 
    "package_code": "", 
    "patch_code": ""

the content in update.json of 4.0.544 is as below, which is a part of 2020-4.

    "product_code": "da5f2434-80cf-73fc-c6e7-937e55ed1232", 
    "upgrade_code": "3a79c990-baed-a25d-4218-3485e86c7c96", 
    "package_code": "da5f2434-80cf-73fc-c6e7-937e55ed1232", 
    "patch_code": "3a79c990-baed-a25d-4218-3485e86c7c96"

Without the correct update.json, Sofistik can’t create a valid offline setup package

We noticed the issue, too.
It has been fixed. We have updated our processes to include tests for this scenario, too.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s been fixed, thanks.