Error no. 12272 in program LF_PSI_CHK

I have set up costruction stage with ACI318-14 code. when running I get error error no. 12272 in program LF_PSI_CHK. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this?1619020582331

Perhaps you forgot to create some actions and assign them coefficients, as requested by Sofistik fact-u >= fact-f , fact-u > 0.
For example, asphalt, which you can select as an action in CSM, despite the fact that the action was not created in the action manager.

Make sure you have created all the actions. Check that the correct factors are assigned to them

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Hello Kirill,
thanks for your advice I forgot to create a PS action. Iā€™m doing a graduate project with my friend. I am studying the program and I try to follow an example on youtube, it is code EN. When I switched to the code ACI 318 was confused.