ERROR - Can't open sofistik project file

Dear all,

My sofistik project file got corrupted and I can’t open it to clean the locks. If I try to open my sofistik file I get the following error message: “The database can not be opened. Maybe the project is opened by another process.” or if i delete every file in my folder except the sofistik and dwg file i get this error message “The database cannot be opened. The Project is too old.”
Could you give me any solutions?

V2_model.sofistik (158.0 KB)

Thank you in advanced,
Nándor Király


Sometimes this happens. The solution is mostly to open first SOFiPLUS in an empty directory. When then the cdb-file is created you can start SSD, make a change and save it.

attached the repaired sofistik-file.
V2_model.sofistik (552.9 KB)

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Thank you very much!