En iso 3776:2003

I have been wondering whether this code is correct for construction. It appears under my tab settings as EN ISO 3776:2003.
I have googled it, but it came with something different.

Anyone to help please.


The EN ISO 3766:2003 “specifies the simplified representation and the characterization of reinforcement in reinforced and in prestressed concrete for use in construction drawings. It also establishes a system for the scheduling of reinforced bars, comprising a method for specifying dimensions, a coding system for bar shapes, a schedule of preferred shapes, and a shape schedule and bending schedule.” (EN ISO 3766:2003, chapter 1 Scope, ISO - ISO 3766:2003 - Construction drawings — Simplified representation of concrete reinforcement)

So I am not sure which design code you found, but the international standard given should be the correct design code.

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Frederik Höller
Your SOFiSTiK Support Team

The code is 3776 instead of 3766.

This happens when you export your file to Word document.

Ah now I see the problem :sweat_smile:
The used design code is EN ISO 3766:2013 and not 3776. This was a mistake in writing in an old version of the modul. As far as I know the mistake is corrected within the latest version of SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing. So please try to update the software.

Thank you.
I will asap.