Elastic link with a distance

Dear forum,

I am modelling two plates connected with rotational springs. When I model the plates right next to eachother with overlapping nodes and connect those with a hinge and rotational spring, the analysis is running smoothly and I get the desired results. However, when I seperate the plates some millimeters (as in the figure) the analysis is failing due to large rotations. I don’t understand this, the hinge and rotational spring should take care of the rotations. Can someone please help me figure this out?

231218-Cantilever-Benchmark_model.dat (1.9 KB)


Your spring elements are directed in the longitudinal direction → Moment springs take bending in the transverse direction

Change the orientation of the spring elements to be in the transverse direction (yields longitudinal bending for moment).
I.e. change the spring line to SLNS REFT >SLN 302 CA 0 CD 21.1640211640212 CL 0 DRY 1
DRY 1 orients the spring in the global y direction

Thank you @sfr! That would’ve taken me some time to figure out on my own.


Dear @sfr, you helped me some months back on this issue regarding the orientation of couplings/spring elements. I have a related problem that I posted under this thread:
Orient rotational springs to follow the deformation
would you possibly have an idea of how to solve that too?